About Us

Established in 2006, Meadowlark exists to add beauty to the world, creating aspirational jewellery pieces made with integrity to be cherished forever.  

Grounded in a 90’s commitment to authenticity and understated cool, Claire Hammon and Greg Fromont have dedicated their lives to art and design, considering every angle of every piece, and striving to make pieces that are both intimate and everlasting.
Anchored in instinct and intuition, Meadowlark is a manifestation of push and pull, dark and light; an intimate tool for personal expression and connection. 

Mostly made to order through the New Zealand based atelier, Claire and Greg encourage intentional and thoughtful consumption. Crafted with luxurious high grade metals and precious and semi precious gemstones all pieces carefully and respectfully consider the world we live in. 

Meadowlark encourages others to express and embrace differences. Each piece goes on to imbue the personal characteristics of the wearer, their emotions, beliefs, experiences and sense of self.