About Us

Meadowlark is a love story, really.

It’s about the love of art and nature, intimacy and expression, driven by a ferocious need to create and to connect. A passion forged in silver and gold and platinum.

It’s a story with alchemy at its heart, a curious and seemingly magical process of transformation, ignited by the combination of two restless minds. Meadowlark founders Claire Hammon and Greg Fromont. The entwined imaginations behind everything Meadowlark. A combined energy that is almost combustible.

Since 2006 they’ve been building this love story. One that is, above all, a love letter for you, handcrafted by them and the team they have gathered around them.

From a fine whisper of a chain, to the most ceremonial of rings, each Meadowlark piece shares the same thoughtful intent – that in wearing it, you are expressing yourself freely. That it inspires you and serves as a reminder of the most important chapters in your own story.
Most meadowlark pieces are made to order at our own atelier in New Zealand, by our own talented jewellers. Always made in a way that’s mindful of the earth we share. Our work is worth the wait.

Art is defined as a diverse range of human activity, activated and changed by imagination. That’s us and that’s you.

What a team x